Trans-Atlantics partners with others businesses in developing and managing projects. Below are some of our projects we are working on:

Real Estate -

  • Trans-Atlantics CRE focuses in developing commercial properties in different parts of North America. We offer commercial units to businesses and multifamily units at affordable rates. For full info on real estate opportunities click here​

Technology -

  • Trans-Atlantics continuously review multiple business plans for technology related ventures, such as green technology, medical devices and software development.
  • Depending on the venture and the result of the due diligence, we work with entrepreneurs to provide Early Stage Financing, Expansion Financing or Acquisition Financing.

Manufacturing -

  • Our firm works with existing African manufacturers that need to expand or add new product lines. We also help factories in other countries to outsource some of their processes to Asia and Africa to reduce their expense and increase their access to raw materials they need.

Agriculture -

  • Demand for food is rising globally, and good virgin farmlands are available in Africa, which has dynamic climate that supports a variety of food products. 
    We work with other farmers as joint venture to produce different cash crops, fruits and vegetables.

Trading -

  • Emerging markets present new opportunities all the time. When we see realistic opportunities in import/export or other minor business we take action as soon as we complete the due diligence.
  • We consult Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SME) on strategies to export their product to help increase their sales and profits by using the available world markets more successfully.

Our firm helps in marketing your products, locating buyer, negotiating deals and exporting the product.

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