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Trans-Atlantics consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities across industries and geographies.

 Risk Management

             With your data and six-sigma framework, we assist you in managing risks related to Compliance Management, Third Party Risks, Financial Risks and many more. Our solutions help you to ensure strong operational, as well as enterprise risk management and programs with the alignment of culture and business strategy.

Data Mining

                Many businesses are discovering that data itself can also serve as a sought-after, profitable commodity and necessary to run their business. Trans-Atlantics Consulting is successfully leading the Big Data industry pack in this data monetization and data commerce revolution. Clients can use their data assets to build a foundation on their products or services and get insight.

Analytics Intelligence

                Traditional predictive analytics endeavors do a fair job of using data gathered from the past to better predict the future. Trans-Atlantics developed three-dimensional perceptions that go way beyond 20/20 hindsight. This service offering is designed to help firms go beyond simple forensics by establishing a more goal-oriented, forward-thinking approach from the very start. By breaking away from conventional applications and opening your strategy, you can truly explore new revenue, profit, and cost reduction opportunities to transform your business.

Reporting & Visualization

                Delivering custom dashboards and reports, we let companies track their key performance indicators (KPIs) easily. The dashboards help to watch over the progress, spot the trends and identify suspicious behavior to react immediately.

Test Engineering

                In a connected world, where competitive advantage hangs on the end-user experience rather than on individual applications, traditional testing models lack relevance. Today’s Testing services need to ensure a seamless end-user experience and business process continuity across an expanded network of business applications, mobile devices, smart devices, media channels and development environments.

                 Trans-Atlantics is a preferred independent Testing Services provider for many companies. We’ve been in the Testing business for 12 years, we think beyond functional testing by mapping testing requirements to the business needs of our customers